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We develop cost-effective seeds and services that allow our customers – farmers, commercial growers, retailers and small seed companies – to prosper in this complex environment. We have a particularly strong offering in corn, soybean, sunflower, cereals and vegetables. We acquire seeds businesses and enter into strategic partnerships and licensing agreements to expand the choice for growers, while strengthening our germplasm pool.

We are Passionate

We work with full passion and hard work

Industry Oriented

Enabling Ecosystem for Food and Agriculture.

Our Values

Continuously realize profitability and growth objectives through the manufacture and distribution of seeds.


What Exponair Offer

We have a wide variety of services so that our clients have good options.


Natural Wheats

Wheat as well as livestock updates on cattle rops and livestock from Black producers.


Fresh Vegetables

Crop and white farmers got most of the acreage allotments, which were seemed.


Fresh Fruits

Agriculture becomes more digitized, cybersecurity and data privacy remain.


Best quality of seed

Quality seed insures good germination, rapid emergence, and vigorous growth.


New Technology

New Technology means any invention, discovery, improvement, or innovation


Farm Plans

Grass widely cultivated for its seed, a cereal grain which is a worldwide.


We offer a broad range of pure, traditional, and organic vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers seeds. We know from experience that each gardener has individual goals and tastes, and no two gardens are alike . High-quality vegetable seeds result from the unique combination of good agro-climatic conditions, good soils, experienced growers, high-level field technicians, and a state-of-the-art seed plant to preserve the seed quality during processing.

High-quality seeds ensure better and more productive crops, which is why farmers invest in them. Advanced seeds help mitigate risks such as disease and drought and allow farmers to grow food using less land, less water and fewer inputs



Our Team

We have a team of professionals, dedicated to providing excellent service.


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